The tournament is governed by the current rules of women’s lacrosse sanctioned by the World Lacrosse.
For reference see the most current rule book included. Pay also attention to RULES-MEMORANDUM-Womens-Lacrosse-2021-01-24.pdf and WWC-ADDITIONAL-RULES-CLARIFICATIONS-2022.docx


Player and team eligibility and age limitation policy are based on these rules.
For questions or concerns regarding eligibility, contact ELF Women’s Vice President, Lucy Ford,


The match shall be divided into 4 periods of 15 minutes duration each.


The teams are divided into three Divisions based on results of the previous ELU U20 and WL events and known strengths to play Round Robin games.

England Germany Italy
Czechia Ireland Poland
Wales Israel Spain
Scotland Sweden

See Schedule and Results for the detailed game schedule, results and statistics.

The three teams from Division A, the top three from Division B and the two from Division 3 will progress to the Quarter Finals (1 – 8 bracket). The bottom team in Division B and the two bottom teams in Division C will play in the 9 – 11 bracket.

The seeding order in the Quarter Finals will be:

1. A1
2. A2
3. A3
4. B1
5. C1
6. B2
7. B3
8. C2